Reducing Modular Valves MSA-04 ,MSB-04, MSW-04

The modular adjustable flow control valve MSW, MSA, MSB functions as a needle valve flow restrictor in one direction in a branch of a circuit, with free flow in the opposite direction. It may be specified to operate on the A, B, or A & B ports in either a "meter-in" or "meter-out" configuration. Adjustment is made with a calibrated knob, standard with the valve.

YUKEN Type Max. flow (L/min) Max.  pressure (Bar) Weight (kg) 
MSA-04 500 350 7,4
MSB-04 500 350 7,4
MSW-04 500 350 7,6


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Reducing Modular Valves MSA-04 ,MSB-04, MSW-04

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