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Piston Pumps   AR + A + A3H - complete section from catalogue PDF-Ikona-Mala.png  EN 
ARL1 + A3HG + A7H PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN
B  Vane Pumps  PV2R + PV2R4A + PV2R24A/34A - complete section from catalogue  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png  EN
HPV2M + HPV22M PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN
SVPF + SVPDF PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN
C  Pressure Controls Complete section from catalogue  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN 
D  Flow Controls Complete section from catalogue  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN 
 Directional Controls     Complete section from catalogue  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN 
Solenoid Operated Directional Valves + Solenoid Controlled Pilot Operated Directional Valves + "G" Series Shockless Type Directional Valves + Pilot/Manually/Mechanically Operated Directional Valves  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN 
Poppet Type Directional Valves  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN 
 Check/Pilot Controlled Check Valves  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN 
F   Modules  Complete section from catalogue - 005 + 01 + 03 + 06 + 10 Series PDF-Ikona-Mala.png  EN
 04 Series  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN 
G  Logic Valves Complete section from catalogue  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN 
H  Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Controls  Complete section from catalogue  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN 
I  Servo Valves  Complete section from catalogue  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN 
J  Actuators Complete section from catalogue  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN 
K  Hydraulic Power Units/Power Packages Complete section from catalogue  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png  EN
L  Accesories & Others Complete section from catalogue  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN 


Product news 

 No.  Title Date Download Language
PN 14-04E Piston Pumps A*,A3H,AS/ASR,YSD
- Notice of Change in Surface Finish 
 Feb.2014  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN
PN 14-02E  Power Amplifiers for High Response Type Directional and Flow
Control Valves
 Jan.2014  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN
PN 13-04E  EH series Direct Operated and High Response Type
Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Directional and Flow Control Valve
-Model:ELDFG-01EH-*-*-*-*-*-10, ELDFG-03EH-*-*-*-*-*-10
 Oct.2013  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN
PN 13-03E  End Plates/Connecting Plates
-Model:MDC-01/03-*-30, MDS-01-P*-30, MDS-03-10
Jan..2014   PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN
 PN 13-02E  Energy-Saving Type Solenoid Operated Directional Valves
May.2013   PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN
PN 13-01E  A3HG Series High Pressure Variable Displacement Piston Pumps  Mar.2013  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN
PN 11-05E  04 Series Modular Valves  Sep.2011  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN
PN 11-04E  OBE Type Linear Servo Valves
. -Model:LSVHG-03/04/06EH-*-*-**-**-**-20
 May.2011  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN
PN 11-03E  AR Series Variable Displacement Piston Pumps  Mar.2011  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN
PN 10-03E  A7H Series High-Pressure Piston Pump  Nov.2010  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN
PN 10-01E  OBE Type Direct Operated Linear Servo Valves
. -Model:LSVG-01EH-*-**-**-10, LSVG-03EH-*-**-**-10/1006
 Sep.2010  PDF-Ikona-Mala.png EN