Hydraut HY - series PVB, PVQ

Axial piston pump HY-PVB in swashplate design is used for hydraulic transmissions in open loop circuits.
This series of pumps cover 100% the range of Vickers piston pumps series PVB and PVQ.


- Wide range of controls.
- Standard ISO and SAE mounting and porting.
- Nominal pressure: 210 bar.
- Load-sensing.
- High performances.
- High reliability.
- Low noise and high efficiency.
- Very suitable for industrail application.
- Totally interchangeable to Vickers pumps PVQ and PVB series and Denison   pumps PV series.
- All standard configurations in short delivery time.

Hydraut Cross reference PVB Cross reference PVQ Geom. displ. (cm³/rev) Max. RPM Max. pressure (Bar)
HY-PVB5 PVB5 PVQ10 10.5 3600 210
HY-PVB6 PVB6 PVQ13 13.8 3200 210
HY-PVB10 PVB10 PVQ20 21.2 3200 210
HY-PVB15 PVB15 PVQ32 33 3000 210
HY-PVB20 PVB20   42.8 2400 210
HY-PVB29 PVB29   61.7 2400 210


- Cross reference with Vickers, Caterpillar and other OEM codes.
- Spare parts totally interchangeable to Vickers PVB and PVQ pumps.
- Repair of any piston pumps with warranty of 1 year.


More information in attacehd catalogue.

Hydraut HY - series PVB, PVQ Hydraut HY - series PVB, PVQ

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